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Are you a cat lover? If the answer is yes then you are one of the millions of people all over the world who suffer from Ailurophilia! Ailurophilia is the name given to those who love cats, no its not a disease! The word is taken from the ancient Greek word 'ailuros' which means cat.

Looking for a great name for the new feline addition to your family? We have a great selection of Cat names, our lists include names for Female, Male, Girl, Boy, Black, White, Tabby, Orange, Grey, Siamese, Japanese, Egyptian, Calico and Ginger cats! Looking for something that stands out from the crowd? Need some inspiration? Then simple browse one of the lists below for some fantastic cat names. We have included top names as well as cute, popular and unusual cat names.

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Are you having trouble finding that perfect name for your new feline friend? Getting a new companion is an exciting time no matter what age you are but choosing the right name for the new addition to your family is not an easy task. A pets name is for life!

You may think that a funny name may be a great idea now but how will you feel when you take your new cat to the vets for a check up, do you really want the receptionist to call out something that everyone else in the waiting room will laugh at? Choosing a cats name is just as important as choosing a baby's name!

It is important to think of the abbreviations of the name as well as how the name sounds when put with your surname and the names of your other pets. Yes, it might sound crazy but your cat will be named by your pet insurance company and veterinary practice in full! Think about it, they will have more than one 'Max' or 'Cutie' on their records! How about 'Sherlock' if your surname is Holmes or 'Jack' if your surname happens to be Russell? Do you really want a cat called Jack Russell?

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The decision about naming your new cat is yours but don't worry we have lots of names to help you with your search for the perfect name. Whether you are looking for a cute, popular, unique or top name, we have a name for you! We have provided names in A to Z dictionary format to make it easier to find your perfect choice.

There are hundreds of different names on this website and we have included categories for female, male, black, white, grey, orange, tabby and calico cats as well as names that are suitable for Egyptian, Japanese and Siamese Cats.

Still can't decide on a name for your feline friend? Why not take a break and try our pets names quiz? It might give you some inspiration for the perfect cats name.

Facts about Cats

Cats - Fact 1
Cats are amazing creatures and cat owners are not really their owners at all, a cat is not owned by anyone! Cats are fiercely independent and unlike their canine counterparts they own people, not the other way around. If a cat is not happy living with one owner or has a problem getting on with other animals in the family, they will simply find somewhere else they prefer to live!
Cats - Fact 2
Like humans, each cat has its own unique personality and intelligence. Some cats are extremely bright and will work out how to open a door by releasing the handle whilst others will be slower and happy just to eat and sleep!
Cats - Fact 3
Cats love companionship and crave attention, perhaps this is why so many people prefer their cats to their friends!
Cats - Fact 4
Domestic Cats are not owned by humans, they are independent creatures and do as they like and like to get their own way! A cat no matter how well fed and tame has a strong natural instinct to hunt and proudly brings home its prey to his owners, consider it a complement if you cat suddenly brings home a bird or rodent in its jaws.
Cats - Fact 5
It is believed that the domestic cat is in fact a cross between two wild species, Felis lybica and Felis sylvestris which were bred in Egypt as long ago as 4000 years. In Egypt they are have been many mummified remains of cats discovered to confirm this as well as wall paintings found in tombs. The first 'pet' cats were kept for their hunting skills, catching mice in mills and food factories, they had a job to do! The ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet was a goddess of fertility was represented with a cats head and indeed a cat was her sacred animal.
Cats - Fact 6
Cats have amazing hearing with thirty muscles in its ears compared to a humans six ear muscles.
Cats - Fact 7
They can quickly turn their ears in the direction of the sound.
Cats - Fact 8
A cats sense of smell is extremely sensitive to nitrogen which is the gas given off by food which is past its best, a cat will refuse to eat anything which has gone off or rotting.
Cat Names- Fact 9
Have you noticed your cats eyes flashing in the dark? This is due to the tiny crystal screen at the back of their eye which is able to reflect even the smallest bit of light and gives cats their ability so see many things that humans are unable to.
Cat Names - Fact 10
A kitten has 24 teeth and an adult cat has 30 teeth, 14 in their lower jaw and 16 in their upper jaw.
Cat Names - Fact 11
The first tame cats were all tabbies! They looked very similar to true wild cats.
Cats Names - Fact 12
The cats backbone is held together by a series of muscles which gives them their amazing agility and as their spine can turn so easily they can twist and turn much easier than us humans.
Cats Names - Fact 13
The tomb of the Egyptian god Nebuman c1400 BC featured a wall painting (can be viewed at the British Museum in London) with a ginger cat helping him catch birds. Other believe the cat in the painting is symbolic of fertilityas the painting also features his wife and daughter. In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred and anyone found to cause injury to a cat was punished and the death of a cat in the family was followed by a period of mourning. The cat was then embalmed, mummified and buried in the same way that a human would be treated.
Cats Names - Fact 14
Cats usually bite their prey in the neck and kill it by breaking its neck.
Cat Names - Fact 15
The fang teeth of a domestic cat are spaced at the correct distance to break the neck of a mouse!
Cats Names - Fact 16
Cats have amazing agility and can twist and turn in many direction which helps them to jump and run away from danger and also helps them with hunting. In fact, their joints of a cat shoulders are structured to allow the cat to twist their legs in any direction.
Cats Names - Fact 17
Cats whiskers are a mystery! Scientist believe they are strongly linked to touch and are extremely sensitive helping a cat find its way in the dark. Do not cut off or trim your cats Whiskas, they will not appreciate it at all!
Cat Names - Fact 18
Unlike a dog, the cat can retract its claws which helps them grip and enables them to be amazing climbers.
Cats Names - Fact 19
A cat can run at speeds up to 27 miles an hour.
Cats Names - Fact20
Have you noticed how your cat walks? Their front and back legs on one side move together at exactly the same time! The only other animal capable of doing this are the giraffe and the camel.
Cats Names - Fact 21
Is it true that when a cat falls it always lands on it feet? Yes its true but don't try and prove it! Cats have an extremely elastic body and the nerves between their brain and muscles works very fast to send messages telling them to manoeuvre their body enabling them to land feet first.
Cat Names - Fact 22
Cats are very territorial and each one like to have its own hunting grounds. This can cause problems and fights with other cats in the neighbourhood as cats fight to assert their dominance.
Cats Names - Fact 23
What is a tom cat? Is it another word for a male cat? The answer is yes and no! The term tom cat refers to the dominant male in a group of feral cats, the tom is the leader of the group.
Cats Names - Fact 24
Black cats are often considered to be the companions of witches and it was believed they has mysterious powers.
Cat Names - Fact 25
Cats mark their territory by spraying urine! They also scratch trees and other wooden objects and rub their faces against objects in order to mark their territory as they have special glands in their head which secretes fluid.
Cat Names - Fact 26
A cat can produce up to sixteen different sounds and signal to each other through body language and the position of their tails and the way they move their head.
Cats Names - Fact 27
The hit musical Cats opened in May 1981 and has been a worldwide success. Based on TS Elliot's collection of poems in the book 'Old Possums book of Practical Cats' and with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber it features the felines Rumpelteaser, Macavity, Growltiger, Rum Tum, Tugger, Skimbleshanks and Mungojerrie. The actors wear individual cat costumes to reflect their personality and the stage is designed from a cats point of view and is three times live size!
Cats Names - Fact 28
Cats are social animals and communicate through sound, smell and even use body language.
Cats Names - Fact 29
Cats are carnivores meaning they are meat eaters and use their long sharp claws to catch their prey and their teeth to rip the prey apart!
Cats Names - Fact 30
Cats have been associated with witchcraft for many centuries. In the middle ages the cat was seen as an evil creature and linked to Satan. The cat was thought to be a symbol of the devil and symbolic of evil due to its nocturnal habits.
Cats Names - Fact 31
In the middle ages, the cat was an important part of pagan festivals.
Cats Names - Fact 32
Due to its amazing ability to catch rodents, the cat became popular in the medieval period to kill rats and help to stop the spread of plague carried by rats.
Cats - Fact 33
There are many breeds of domestic cat including Siamese, Russian Blue, British Blue, Manx, Ragdoll Havana, Rex, Angora, Maine Coon, Birman, Burmese and Abyssinian to name just a few!
Cats Names - Fact 34
The ancient Egyptians would mourn the death of a family pet cat in the same way that they would mourn a human death. The cat would be embalmed and made into a mummy and then buried in one of the special graveyard specifically for cats!
Cats Names - Fact 35
The Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion, Lynx, Bobcat, Caracal, Ocelot, Margay and black footed cat are also species of cats.
Cats Names - Fact 36
Does a cat have nine lives? It is believed this old saying originated due to a cats ability to survive falls and jumps from great heights etc where they simply rotate their body to land on their feet. It is not true!
Cats Names - Fact 37
Lion, Jaguar, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cheetah and clouded leopard are all species of big cats.
Cat Names - Fact 38
The Cheetah is the fastest species of cat and is also the fastest animal over short distances.

Female Cats - Names
Need a perfect name for the new little lady in your family? We have included lots of perfect female names in alphabetical order. Browse our list of female names, you are sure to find something perfect to suit your cats personality.

Male Cats - Names
Want a great name for the new boy in your family? We've some great masculine names for cats in the section on male cat names. Looking for the perfect name to reflect your tom cats personality and characteristics? Check out our A to Z list for lots of inspiration.

Girl Cats - Names
Looking for a unique name for your girl cat? We have a great choice, you are guaranteed to find something in our list to suit the new lady in your household!

Black Cats - Names
Need to find the perfect name for your lucky black cat? Want a unique name? Look no further, we have included some cool, unusual and even crazy names, ideal for your black cat. The names are in alphabetical order so you can quickly browse the list and find the perfect name.

Boy Cats - Names
So you need to find a great boy name for your cat? Well we have loads of great names in this section. Lots of inspiration to help you find the best name for your boy cat.

White Cats - Names
Are you looking for something unique to name your white cat? We have a great selection of unusual names for you to browse through, hopefully you will find the perfect name for your beautiful white cat.

Orange Cats - Names
Looking for some inspiration on names for your orange cat? Fed up hearing the same names? Have a read through the names in our section on orange cats, you are bound to find something suitable.

Grey Cats - Names
Need help choosing the perfect name for your grey cat? Relax! We have a great selection of names suitable for grey cats, have a read through or print off the list of names. Write down a shortlist of names and get your friends and family to help you decide on the perfect name.

Siamese Cats - Names
Siamese cats are famous for their unique looks and intelligence so it is vital to ensure you take time to think about their name and choose something that fits their characteristics and intelligence. We have included a great selection of names which are suitable for your beautiful Siamese cat.

Tabby Cats - Names
Does your new beautiful tabby cat need a name to match its personality? Simply browse through our selection of tabby cat

Egyptian Cats - Names
Searing for the perfect Egyptian name for your cat? Perhaps you want to use the name of an Egyptian god or goddess? Maybe you are looking for a name which has a beautiful translation? Look no further, check out the section on Egyptian cats names for lots of inspiration.

Japanese Cats - Names
Need a name that suits your Japanese cat? Want a name which reflects your cats origin? We have chosen some great Japanese names in our section on Japanese cats, you are sure to find something unique!

Calico Cats - Names
Want a unique, cool or top name for your Calico cat? Look no further, we have some amazing names in our list. Choosing a name is not an easy decision to make but it can be stress free with our useful selection.

Ginger Cats - Names
Looking for some great ginger cats names? We have a fantastic selection of suitable names for ginger cats, you are bound to find something suitable! The list is in alphabetical order so you can browse quickly and find a name that the whole family loves!

"C was a cat
Who ran after a rat;
But his courage did fail"
Edward Lear

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
Charles Dickens

“Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”
Mark Twain

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